About ME

Davis Yang                                     

I'm Davis Yang (杨宇翔), a 3rd year EECS (Electric Engineering and Computer Science) student at University of California, Berkeley.

It's a bit difficult to describe my interest, but machine learning is definitely one of them. I'm currently a undergraduate research assistant in Professor Pieter Abbeel's Robot Learning Lab, and I work primarily with Abhishek Gupta on Learning from Demonstration. The ultimate goal of my current project is for robots to learn directly from Youtube videos. How far can it go? Let's see.

I'm also currently a undergraduate student instructor (i.e. student TA) for CS70, the discrete math and probability course in Berkeley. It's one of my favorite courses in Berkeley, and I hope to share my understanding of this course with students. It's also my first time teaching, so I'm open to all kinds of suggestions. Don't hesitate to email me if you have any comments/complaints.

​In my free time, I'm interested in a bunch of random things. I've been running for some time, and my next goal is to do a Half Marathon in either Berkeley or San Francisco. I love food, both making and eating them. So let me know if you find a good place. I've been traveling a lot, including a road trip down Highway 1 and north to Lake Tahoe.

​Feel free to contact me through email, or learn more about me via LinkedIn/Github/Resume.